Who I Am, Where I Am and Why I Am

I am a mum to one beautiful daughter and have a wonderful husband. I also have my fur companion Whisky, a Jack Russell X Dashshund. Since loosing my guinea-pig in 2015 I now foster them for a local charity until they find their forever home.

I’ve got a degree in Tourism Management, and it was in my placement year in London I met my husband Michael. As a commuter people rarly speak to each other on the train, however this man quite smiling to me each morning whilst on the same slog into work. This was in the August when I first started my placement and after a couple of months I never saw him again… until spring April lunchtime. I decided to take a different walk round High Holborn. I was in a world of my own when I accidently bumped into a man which looked strangely familiar. Having taken me a few moments to place this familiar face I remembered it was the man that smiled at me on the train… after exchanging numbers arranged to meet at a bench in Lincoln Inn Fields in Holborn. We then met everyday since on the same bench for the rest of summer until I went back to university. 9 months later Michael took me back to the bench we used to meet at in Lincoln Inn Fields to propose. There was a beautiful plaque asking ‘Will you Marry Me’. After saying yes he whisked me off to one of my favourite places in the world Disneyland Paris, And been together sharing our life journey ever since. The ups and downs of the challenges that came across our path.

When we were young!

Also as part of my degree I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to undertake the Summer Exchange within Walt Disneyworld, Animal Kingdom Tree of Life. I would recommend this programme to any young adult. It was amazing and met some life long friends. I embraced all aspects of the programme ‘graduating from the Disney University’. I got the see any of the evening displays at the parks as well as the July 4th celebration.

After living for a brief period of time in Leicestershire we decided to relocate to Bedfordshire.

we were blessed to find out we were expecting due in January 2015. However, this bought complications during the pregnancy and delivery. During the first scan they informed Michael and I that there was a high nuchal fluid which may have meant a high risk of Downs Syndrome, Edwards or Patau Syndrome. The bloodwork came back we had a one in eight chance of Downs. We had to make the decision whether the risk of miscarriage out weighed the risk of knowing the result. We decided to go ahead and take the risk so we could plan for all eventualities. The results were clear for all syndromes and that we were expecting a girl. I was over the moon as I wanted a girl.

Our beautiful baby girl Rita arrived on the 11th of January 2015.  Weighing 6lb 4oz and perfectly healthy after a 45 minute labour! We got to the hospital with just 2 minutes to spare.

Our beautiful Rita

In my next post, I shall inform you all about the next chapter of our life, dealing with the difficult discovery of my Asherman’s Syndrome.

See you next time!

S x