Amsterdam Day Trip

This trip was born out of me and Michael deciding where to go on holiday next year. Living under the Luton Airport flight path, Rita loves watching all the planes that come over. Having decided that we won’t be going abroad via a plane next year Michael came up with the idea of going on a day trip to a destination for the day (and also to cut down on costs). Having a browse on a low-cost airline Easyjet appeared to be the best value going to Amsterdam. So we booked it! After, informing a close friend on what we were doing for my birthday her and her daughter also decided to tag along as her girl loves planes also.

2nd October arrived and we had 5 very excited people going to Amsterdam.

We arrived at London Luton Airport where we meet up with Hazel and Ivy (our friends). We had a smooth transition through the airport and boarded our plane. But we did manage to get some beautiful pictures of their first glimpse of the plane we would be travelling on.

The pilot gave a shout out to Rita and Ivy on their first ever flight. Rita loved every moment of the flight from taking off and engines gaining speed, to the clouds and spotting objects on the ground as we descended nearer the airport in Amsterdam.

The passport control in Schiphol Airpot was lovely. Rita and Ivy both got stamps for their passports to remember their first ever ‘trip abroad’.

Once in Amsterdam, we took a simple short train ride to Amsterdam Central Station. The first stop we went to a wonderful little cafe. We then made our way to our pre-booked Canel Cruise operated by Lovers Cruises. The tour was 1 hour which took us along the waterways of Amsterdam. We were informed about the canal flushing, why houses had poles on the outside and why there were many houseboats.

Soon it was time to go home, the time had gone so quickly. There just wasn’t enough time to see everything you wanted. The train back to the airport was busy as it was in the middle of rush hour home. Again, Schiphol was easy to navigate through. Again, the girls managed a final bit of plane spotting before boarding the flight back to London Luton.

Soon, we were back in Luton and the day was over. It was a long day for us all but one of the most enjoyable days we have ever had. Rita now continuously is asking to go back on a plane! So perhaps another day-trip or mini-break might be booked soon.