Welcome to Fort Nobbs (It’s a play on Fort Knox, geddit).

My blogger friend suggested that I have a very interesting life… apparently!

My name is Sarah Nobbs, and I live in a Bedfordshire town with my husband and young daughter. We are a Beanpole family, which basically means that there are just the 3 of us (and our dog Whiskey, a Jack Russell Terrier).

We are a very outgoing family, spending our days walking in the Bedfordshire countryside. We love family holidays and we work together as foster parents for guinea pigs! Who can resist those cute fluffy faces?!

I suffer from a syndrome called Ashermans. I hope to share more information with you about this condition to help those who are going through a similar journey to me.

You can email me at s.nobbs@yahoo.co.uk

I am happy to collaborate with brands and PR’s on sponsored content, guest posts and reviews.